Freedom, the spirit triumphant

Freedom, the spirit triumphant

: Pocket, 138 pages

Table of contents

1. Man's Psychic Structure
2. Mind over Matter
3. Fate and Freedom
4. Freedom through Death
5. Sharing in the Freedom of God
6. True Freedom: a Consecration of Self
7. Freedom through Self-Limitation
8. Anarchy and Freedom
9. The Notion of Hierarchy
10. The Synarchy Within

Freedom, the Spirit Triumphant

Freedom has become such an important political stake that we have lost sight of its true significance. It is this significance, the relationship between spirit and matter, that the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov attempts to restore. 'Enter into the realm of the spirit which creates, models and fashions and in so doing you will gradually loosen the hold that the exterior world has on you; you will be free!'