The Seeds of Happiness

The Seeds of Happiness

: Pocket, 203 pages

Table of contents

1. Happiness: A Gift to be Cultivated
2. Happiness is not Pleasure
3. Happiness is Found in Work
4. A Philosophy of Effort
5. Light Makes for Happiness
6. The Meaning of Life
7. Peace and Happiness
8. If You want to be Happy, Be Alive
9. Rise Above your Circumstances
10. Develop a Sensitivity to the Divine
11. The Land of Canaan
12. The Spirit is Above the Laws of Fate
13. Look for Happiness on a Higher Level
14. The Quest for Happiness is a Quest for God
15. No Happiness for Egoists
16. Give Without Expecting Anything in Return
17. Love Without Asking to be Loved in Return
18. Our Enemies are Good for Us
19. The Garden of Souls and Spirits
20. Fusion on the Higher Planes
21. We are the Artisans of Our Own Future.


'Human beings come into the world with certain aspira-tions; they need to love and be loved: they need to know, and they need to create. It is the fulfilment of these aspirations that they call happiness. Before they can fulfil their aspirations, however, they need to add something more to the baggage they bring with them; it is not enough to want something in order to obtain it. Happiness is like a talent that has to be cultivated. If you don't cultivate it, it will never amount to anything.'