The true meaning of Christ’s Teaching

The true meaning of Christ’s Teaching

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Table of contents

1. ‘Our Father Which Art in Heaven'
2. ‘My Father and I Are One'
3. ‘Be Ye Perfect, Even as Your Father Who is in Heaven is Perfect'
4. ‘Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Justice'
5. ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven'
6. ‘He That Eateth My Flesh and Drinketh My Blood Hath Eternal Life'
7. ‘Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do'
8. ‘Unto Him that Smiteth Thee on the One Cheek...'
9. ‘Watch and Pray'.

The True Meaning of Christ's Teaching

The whole of Christ's teaching is summed up in the prayer he gave us: the Lord's Prayer. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov demonstrates and explains this. Nature, in her own wonderful way, has condensed a tree's entire potential into one tiny seed. Jesus did the same. He took his whole Teaching, and condensed it into a prayer to his Father, in the hope that this seed would take root in our souls, be nurtured by them and grow into its full potential: the massive fruitful tree of Initiatic Science, the true Teaching of Christ.